I love, love. I love being loved and loving others and loving my dog. I think love is so pure and so unapologetic and so real. I love Valentine’s Day. Like a lot. I’ve never in my head had the idea that it is for couples. Like ever. I love the idea of celebrating the … Continue reading Love


All of my nails are white. My leg is purple. I feel super lost and super sad and super confused about the people in my life. I am deliriously exhausted. I am angry at myself and happy with myself and in a weird place. I don’t know what I what with anything. With my friends, … Continue reading Thoughts

Busy Bee

Tomorrow I am going to train for my new job and schedule my drug test and meet my boss. Yesterday I baby sat and hiked and ate a very big hamburger. Today I got new contacts and watched Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 and made fish tacos for call. Thursday the show opens. … Continue reading Busy Bee

A Hike

Today I went on a hike. It was lovely. The first mile I was actually dying and the second mile I was basically running up the mountain. It felt so wonderful. I saw two waterfalls, and went in non trailed territories to be sprayed by the water. I felt adventurous and cool. I am adventurous … Continue reading A Hike


I love movies so much. And I love my favorite movies. I want to write about them! What follows are my top five movies of all time; ones I could watch over and over and never ever get tired of. 1. Pride and Prejudice¬† My favorite movie ever. It is so beautiful and the soundtrack … Continue reading Favorites


I want a home with so many windows. So that sunlight can seep in as much as possible. So that I never have to turn on any light during the day. So that it feels comfortable inside as if I am outside. Maybe a sunroom. Sunrooms are very popular in the south. A room made … Continue reading Windows