My classroom has no windows. The girl who sat next to me went for break and came back smelling of cigarettes. I feel my writing in class is boring and flat and grammatically incorrect in the bad way. I think in run on sentences and they transcribe onto the page. My morning teacher is strange … Continue reading Genuine


Sometimes I think about the moon and I get overwhelmed. Not in a negative way. I become entangled in its brightness and power and I feel small. Sometimes I look at the moon and I feel as if I am not here. Sometimes I think about all of the feelings that become a part of … Continue reading Moonlight


I’m eighteen today. That’s wild. Crazy. I feel like I’m not old enough to be an adult. Like I can vote? Woah. I think being eighteen will be good. Super good. In just one whole week I’ll be in New York City for the first time all by myself visiting one of my very best … Continue reading 18

Messy Mind

It’s officially been a week since I have written. Not just blogging, but writing. I haven’t journaled, I haven’t written paragraphs on my third, I haven’t put my thoughts on napkins or old receipts or written little poems for myself on the back of my hand. My thoughts have just all been jumbled in my … Continue reading Messy Mind

Feeling Blue

I think I may be sinking. I usually don’t notice until I’m at the bottom, surrounded by mud, when everything is fuzzy and I can’t breathe without trying very hard and I have to decide either to climb out or stay there for a bit. Sometimes I stay. Sometimes I just wiggle around. Sometimes I … Continue reading Feeling Blue